Song By Song: AOH Music ‘Live at Ocean Way Nashville’

AN EXCLUSIVE SONG BY SONG FEATURE, Song By Song: AOH Music 'Live at Ocean Way Nashville'

The historic Ocean Way studios in Nashville have witnessed the creation of countless musical masterpieces, but on a particular night, the air was filled with different energy. Accompanied by a captivating string quartet, AOH Music took the stage and embarked on a unique endeavor. Each song was performed live, recorded, and filmed, capturing the melodies and the moment’s essence.
AOH Music, the band behind it, said, “The Holy Spirit moved within the musicians that night, and it was captured inside those recordings.” It was an extraordinary fusion of artistry and divine inspiration. Through their music, AOH Music sought to convey a profound message that resonates with the core of their faith and the beauty of their beliefs.
Here’s a breakdown of their EP—song by song, told in the words of AOH themselves.
“Abba Father”
Abba Father was written in a season when our hearts needed to be reminded of how powerful God our Father is. By His Word alone, He created all things. This song is a reminder that God the Father loved each of us into existence to join Him in glory. His love for us is so that He sent us His only son, Jesus Christ, to save and redeem us. We were meant to take on this world with others. This song reflects that regardless of our past relationships, we all have a father, Abba Father, whose love never fails.


“Heal Our World”
“Heal Our World” is a cry for Jesus to enter our hearts and minds and restore our brokenness. Out of His abyss of mercy and infinite love for us, Jesus came to bring salvation and healing to our world. As Christians, we’re called to humble ourselves enough to admit that we need mercy and a Savior. Christ paid a debt He didn’t owe because we owed a debt we couldn’t pay. Our good Shepherd stood in our place before the Father and, through His incarnation, bought for us an ever-flowing fountain of grace, peace, and healing. Lord Jesus, come and heal our world.


“Light of the World”
Even when the world’s darkness seems pressing in from all directions, we Christians know that, according to Jesus, we’re the light of the world. He explained that a lamp is not meant to be hidden under a bushel but placed on a stand to illuminate the entire house. Our light should shine brightly before others so that they can see our good deeds and give glory to our Heavenly Father. This is found in Matthew 5:14-16. And so, we are meant to push the darkness back. We receive our light from its source, which is Christ. And when we carry His Light, we can dispel the shadows that advance. The Lord God is the light of the world, and by His providence and brilliance, we can see into the eternal depths of our existence. Because He has destroyed death, we no longer must fear the darkness. Darkness does not eliminate light; it defines it. Our light is the light of Christ. Thanks be to God. Alleluia.


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