Songs of Grace

Let’s talk about the word “grace.” Definitions abound on the internet for this simple but far-reaching description of God. To make the best use of your time reading this, I’ll compile a few and summarize them. Grace is the cleansing forgiveness of God when we fail and the supernatural strength He places in us to get back up and persevere. It plays a massive role in allowing Him to see us as His beloved repeatedly. 

Humans are difficult, I won’t lie, and loving them is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t imagine how much harder the author of Perfection found it. But the thing is, He doesn’t—the sacrifice He made.

God’s Son, who was crucified on the cross, built a bridge between God and us, spanning the divide that once separated us. Now, He’s free to love, and love He does. I had such an enjoyable time finding songs that can be used to reflect on this gracious outpouring, and I pray you to find them just as incredible. 

“Grace to Grace” by Hillsong UNITED

Something I love about the iconic worship band Hillsong UNITED is that they don’t shy away from speaking the truth. As we learn more about the glory of God, it can be easy to hide the less pleasant material and try to rest just in the delightful resurrection. But before Jesus rose from the grave, He first had to die. There’s no escaping that fact, and honestly, good. Without His sacrifice, we would be doomed, no doubt about it. 

As Jesus hung on that cross, He consciously decided to save us from our sins. It was not some guilt by association that freed us as He gave up His life. It couldn’t be this because He never sinned once. Instead, the Father’s love and the Son’s sacrifice saved us from our sins. 

There is no void His blood doesn’t account for. From “Grace to Grace,” Hillsong UNITED sings that He’s victorious. Each valley of inadequacy has been forgiven in advance. As that sinks in, I want to leave you with a few lyrics to think about: “When I see that cross, I see freedom/When I see that grave, I’ll see Jesus/And from death to life, I will sing Your praise/In the wonder of Your grace.” Join me in singing with gratitude for His grace. 


“Getaway” by TAYA

“Getaway” is a song featured on the highly anticipated solo project of worship leader Taya Gaukrodger. The

song is an open invitation to rest in God’s presence. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, this song comforts the deepest parts of my soul. The pieces that are left out by physical satisfaction. The segments that are never fulfilled by false promises. God never fails to reach these supernatural longings of mine through this anthem because it speaks entirely of His mercy. 

“Grace upon grace upon grace, let it lead/get away get away with me.” I pray that you will let His grace, His forgiveness of all your past transgressions, lead you to His heart today. For those seeking comfort and those just needing a respite from life, He is the balm to an aching soul. His grace never runs out. 


“dad song” by Abbie Gamboa and UPPERROOM

Of course, an article of mine would only be complete with a mention of UPPERROOM. The Dallas-based worship team has quickly made themselves at home inside my heart over the past few months. This is a recent release by the group in partnership with Abbie Gamboa, one of their vocal leaders.

The poignant melody of the song beautifully reflects Abbie’s experiences as a parent and highlights the limitless love of God.
“Even if you never did another thing, you were made to be loved by me.” As I prefaced earlier, grace needs to be concisely defined. Since God embodies this trait, just as He is infinite, so is this characteristic. 

The precious words spoken over listeners in the bridge especially make it evident that Abbie has encountered the love of the Lord. God’s grace is tangible as she shares those moments with us through tear-jerking descriptions. He sees a future far brighter than you could imagine because “fathers love to do that for their kids.”

“This Is Our God” by Phil Wickham

Contemporary artist Phil Wickham has been a Christian music staple for quite a while. One of the church hits he has released is “This Is Amazing Grace,” which I admit would have been very easy to feature in this article. For the sake of some title diversity and a bit of a challenge, I chose the more recent single, “This Is Our God.” 

Phil speaks in relatable terms of God’s grace, “Who pulled me out of that pit? He did, He did,” while referencing the despair of his past. However, his fleeting approach makes it clear that he has a new life in God. The lyrics inspire those still struggling in the pits of pain. To clarify, following Jesus doesn’t guarantee complete avoidance of affliction but ensures a companion in the trials. 

Jesus isn’t a genie meant only to grant wishes and immediately rescue us from hurt. He is so much more. He’s the Son who saved, the Son who still saves, at the perfect time as decided by our Heavenly Father. It can be a difficult truth to grapple with, especially in the dark, but I pray for peace over all of you today as you discover that “This is our God, This is who He is, He loves us.”


“Glorious Day” by Passion

After discussing mostly new worship songs and ballads in this article, I have decided to end on a more upbeat note. Nothing quite screams church summer camp for me like “Glorious Day” does. Although the song is still great when listening to it alone, it’s not quite the same without hundreds of amped-up kids around you screaming, “And I ran out of that grave.” But I digress. 

God’s grace is there in times of desperation, that is for sure. Nevertheless, He remains in seasons of joy, no matter their time span. He loves seeing His children get excited about His goodness. Contemporary artist Kristian Stanfill and the Passion worship team lead the song with this knowledge of their Heavenly Father. They aren’t afraid to be enthusiastic about His freedom, and I pray this energy is contagious as you listen today. Praise the Lord for His grace, His love “is the air that I’m breathing,” and when He called my name…“I ran out of that grave!”

Selena Schulz is NRTs youngest staff contributor. She loves God, music, reading, and writing.