Staff Voices: Father’s Day Melodies

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE FEATURE, Staff Voices: Father's Day Melodies

Father’s Day is a special occasion to honor and celebrate the fathers in our lives, and what better way to express our appreciation than through music? In this article, we explore the favorite songs of four individuals on the NRT Team and the profound impact these songs have had on their relationships with their fathers and God. 
From David Meece’s poignant reflection on fatherhood in “My Father’s Chair” to Skillet’s inspiring anthem of triumph in “Victorious,” each song holds a personal connection that resonates deeply with these individuals. Join us as we delve into the melodies and lyrics that have shaped their understanding of fatherhood, faith, and love.
David Meece – “My Father’s Chair”
Appropriately enough, my dad selected “My Father’s Chair” by artist David Meece as his favorite song. The song is about David’s poor relationship with his father, the better relationships he strives to have with his children, and the relationship he hopes to have with Christ, all framed around the motif of a chair. The profound commentary on fatherhood speaks to him on multiple levels, even apart from how appropriate a Father’s Day song is. Not to mention David Meece’s testimony that often accompanied the song is one of the most engaging and riveting accounts in Christian music. 
– Jonathan Francesco

Skillet – “Victorious”
When I asked my dad to name his favorite song, he immediately said Skillet as a preface to the artist and, after careful contemplation, named “Victorious” as the, appropriately enough, “victor.” He loves the catchy chant of the “Oh’s” at the beginning of the song, which is an appealing aspect to scream to at concerts (we both adore the famous Christian rock band, so attending those shows together is a must-mention father-daughter highlight).
Beyond the sound, though, my dad appreciates the powerful message conveyed by the lyrics. “The words are kerosene/They don’t know who I am,” begins the song with a bit of despair. As the chorus plays, a recurring theme of relying on God’s grace to overcome emerges. My dad admits that being a father is a struggle, but this song is inspirational and an excellent reminder that God is on our side. Even on the craziest days, when I’m sure I’m high maintenance, praise the Lord for my dad’s grace and Skillet’s reminders that he’ll be victorious.
– Selena Schulz 

Kari Jobe – “First Love”
My spiritual dad’s favorite song is “First Love” by worship artist Kari Jobe. After my real dad walked out on my family and me, I’ve drawn closer to God to fill that place as my father. Over time, I met my spiritual dad, who took me under his wing and began championing me to follow God’s heart. It fits so well when he told me his favorite song because I’ve seen him give Jesus first place in his life. Even through the trials, he’s walked through, he’s been an example to me to never lose sight of our first love and to give Him everything. “First Love” is a beautiful and personal song of intimacy with the Father that has impacted us in our lives, church, and our own time of worship in full attention. I’m thankful for the people who place Jesus over everything and help remind me to enter His presence repeatedly.
– Bradden Ford

Maverick City Music & Phil Wickham – “Worthy of My Song”
While most people know him as Pastor Jeff, he’s Dad to me. And, as any pastor should, my dad listens to worship music. Often, he’ll retreat to his office before church to have his “worship jam time,” as we call it. So, when I asked what his favorite song was, I knew he’d have a good answer. He landed on a family favorite, “Worthy of My Song,” from worship band Maverick City Music and contemporary artist Phil Wickham.
“This song means so much to me because it reminds me that when we’re in tough seasons, praising God is still the answer,” he shared. “Even when I don’t feel like praising, He is worthy, and I need to. The bridge says, ‘When I sat by that hospital bed/You were worthy.’ It reminds me of when my dad passed. I sat by that hospital bed and just prayed. There was nothing more that I could do. It still chokes me up a bit when I hear that.”
And, to bring the story full circle, I remember hearing “Worthy of My Song” for the first time shortly before my dad underwent major eye surgery. It was challenging, but as my dad said, praising God is still the answer in every circumstance. I love the connection my family has with this song.
This Father’s Day, I’m praising God for my dad. Through it all, he has always proven to be a source of stability in my life. Even when he lost his own dad, his strength and resilience were inspiring. Although soon I’ll be off to college, my dad’s wisdom and guidance will always stay with me. There’s still a lot I must learn from him. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.
– Grace Chaves

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