Switchfoot Announces All-Star Lineup for Deluxe Edition of ‘The Beautiful Letdown (Our Version)’

On May 5, GRAMMY Award-winning alternative rock band Switchfoot released The Beautiful Letdown (Our Version). Rerecording their classic record in honor of its 20th anniversary, The Beautiful Letdown (Our Version) brought new life to beloved songs like “Dare You To Move,” “This Is Your Life,” and “Meant To Live.”

Now Switchfoot is teaming up with an all-star lineup of artists who will bring their rerecorded versions of songs from The Beautiful Letdown to the deluxe edition of the (Our Version) record. Rolling Stone broke the news, announcing the tracklist and unreleased B sides.

The first song released from The Beautiful Letdown (Our Version) (Deluxe Edition) was Jon Bellion’s orchestral take on “Meant to Live.” The emotional music video followed, and it’s available to view here.

“A few months ago, the band and I sat down in the studio to listen to the final mix of ‘Meant to Live (Jon Bellion Version),'” Switchfoot’s lead singer, Jon Foreman, shared on social media. “When the strings faded out, we sat in silence, stunned by how moving the piece of music was. A few days later, Jon Bellion and I were texting about the song–how it conjured images in our minds, begging to be used in a trailer for a great movie.”

Jon continued, sharing how the images in their minds turned into a real-life short film on a shoestring budget. It’s “a short film about a man, caught between his past and his future, discovering that he still gets to choose.”

Aside from Jon Bellion’s rendition of “Meant to Live,” on September 15, The Beautiful Letdown (Our Version) (Deluxe Edition) will release in its entirety, with new recordings from Jonas Brothers on the title track, OneRepublic on “Dare You To Move,” Colony House on “Redemption,” and Owl City on “Gone.” View the full tracklist here.