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Tauren Wells has First “Baptism Sunday” at Church of Whitestone

Renowned Christian artist Tauren Wells and his wife Lorna Wells have had an eventful year since planting their new church, the Church of Whitestone, in the Austin, Texas area. This past Sunday marked a significant milestone for their burgeoning faith community as they celebrated their first-ever Baptism Sunday. The event was a resounding success, with 166 individuals publicly declaring their faith and undergoing water baptism.

The Church of Whitestone, which officially opened its doors earlier this year, has quickly become a vibrant and life-giving congregation under the leadership of the Wells family. The church aims to help people discover their God-authored identities through a wholehearted relationship with Jesus. The vision that Tauren and Lorna had over a decade ago is now coming to fruition, creating a dynamic and inclusive community of faith.

A Day of Celebration and Faith

Sunday’s baptism event was not just a routine church service but a heartfelt celebration of faith and community. The Wells family, along with their four sons, has been deeply involved in every aspect of the church’s development, from the initial planning stages to the weekly services and community outreach programs. The joy and spiritual fervor were palpable as each individual took this significant step in their faith journey.

Continued Growth and Outreach

Since its launch, the Church of Whitestone has seen remarkable growth. On their opening weekend alone, the church welcomed 3,500 attendees, signaling a strong start for the new congregation. Tauren Wells, known for his inspirational music and powerful messages, continues to draw people not only to his concerts but also to his church services.

Ongoing Projects and Future Plans

Aside from his pastoral duties, Tauren Wells remains active in the music industry, consistently producing chart-topping songs and engaging with his audience through his podcast. The Wells family is committed to fostering a supportive and spiritually enriching environment both within their church and through their various ministry endeavors.

For those interested in learning more about the Church of Whitestone or getting involved, further information is available on their official website.

Witnessing the dedication and faith of 166 individuals on Baptism Sunday is a testament to the impact the Church of Whitestone is already making in the Austin community. As Tauren Wells and his family continue their mission, they invite everyone to join them in this exciting journey of faith and discovery.