‘Thank You Jesus,’ By Canyon Hills Worship, Releases Today

Available Today: Thank You Jesus By Canyon Hills Worship

'Thank You Jesus,' By Canyon Hills Worship, Releases Today
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May 24, 2024

Los Angeles, CA (May 24th, 2024) – DREAM Worship Artist Canyon Hills Worship has released a brand new song, “Thank You Jesus”, available on all streaming platforms.  The downtempo worship song is both intimate and full of gratitude.  The release will come in both a live and studio version as a multi-single.  Produced by David Neuman and Michael Monroe and co-written by Michael Monroe, David Neuman, Ellisha Carter, Jackson Oestriech the song features highlighted performances by Ellisha Carter and Andy Soemo.

“Thank You Jesus” follows the releases of other songs “Jesus Christ Over Everything”, “Heart Cries Out”, “Surely”, “Prayer For This Gathering” and “Abide (Radio Version)” leading up to their upcoming album due out this fall. 

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Canyon Hills Worship is a contemporary worship band from Seattle, Washington. They were formed in 2017 to make original music specific to their home church, Canyon Hills Community Church. They’ve released many songs, some of which are “Jesus My Treasure”, “On and On”, “Abide”, and “Spirit of God.” Their goal has always been to make songs for their church; however, these songs have found a life of their own outside of their church as well. Their mission is to create atmospheres of worship that are Jesus focused and eternity minded. 


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