The Essentials: Matt Redman

AN NRT EXCLUSIVE EDITORIAL, The Essentials: Matt Redman

Contemporary worship artist, Matt Redman, is no stranger to Christian music. For over two decades, he has been leading the Church in worship and writing songs that have been the soundtrack to corporate church services, weddings, funerals, joyful celebrations, seasons of trial, and intimate personal moments with God. 
A true psalmist, Matt is a worship leader whose songs have helped people connect with God and praise His name in every situation and season of life. One thing you can count on with Matt is that the foundation of his songs will always be rooted in scripture. And the heart behind the music will always be pure and humble, with no other agenda besides bringing glory to Jesus. 

His ministry and legacy continue with the release of his 2023 album, Lamb of God (Live). The music videos for the album were filmed live at The Mission in San Juan Capistrano. Matt explained that The Mission, a settlement established in 1776 and known as the birthplace of Orange County, California, is typically not open to outside events.
Still, God made way for the album visuals to be recorded there. The scene is incredibly impactful as Matt sings about the magnificence of God within His creation. The songs within the collection are equally powerful. Let’s look at a few of Matt’s most beloved and impactful songs, old and new. 

“Lamb of God”

The song “Lamb of God” was released as the first single from Matt Redman’s latest album, which shares the same name. The song, which features worship leader David Funk of Bethel Music, proclaims the wonder of what Jesus did on the cross. Songs like this are vital in ensuring this central theme of our faith remains prominent in our worship songs, which Matt had in mind when crafting it. This song provides the Church with a fresh means of contemplating the strength of the cross and expressing adoration through worship.

Standout Lyric: Scenes of mountain grandeur/Creation’s majesty/The glory of a sunrise/Shining over me/But the single greatest wonder/My soul has ever seen/Is the Lamb of God on Calvary

“You Never Let Go”

The song “You Never Let Go” was initially released on Matt’s Beautiful News album and Passion Music’s live album Everything Glorious in 2006. The song has become a staple in the Church and has been covered by numerous Christian artists, including Jeremy Camp. I led the music during my college years at my campus ministry. The song reminds us that God never lets go of us, no matter what trials we’re going through. It’s a declaration of resolve to praise God before, during, and after the storm, whether in this life or eternity, where suffering will be no more.

Standout lyric: Oh no, You never let go/Through the calm and through the storm/Oh no, You never let go/In every high and every low/Oh no, You never let go/Lord, You never let go of me/Yes, I can see a light that is coming for the heart that holds on/And there will be an end to these troubles/But until that day comes/Still I will praise You, still I will praise You

“You Alone Can Rescue”

In a Worship Together New Song Café interview, Matt shares that he wrote “You Alone Can Rescue” to give people a fresh way to sing to the Savior and thank Him.” That’s precisely what the song does, as it provides the Church with language to praise Jesus for His saving work in our lives and to express our gratitude for the Gospel. The song’s bridge is so anthemic and joyful and feels amazing to hear God’s people sing it to Him together.

Standout lyric: You alone can rescue, You alone can save/You alone can lift us from the grave/You came down to find us, led us out of death/To You alone belongs the highest praise/We lift up our eyes, lift up our eyes/You’re the Giver of Life

“10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)”

“10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” is easily one of Matt’s most known songs, if not the most known. Since its release, this song has become extremely popular and beloved by listeners. It is now widely sung in churches all over. Many listeners called it a modern-day hymn, a fitting descriptor. Each verse eloquently unfolds a new expression of blessing the Lord’s name in all aspects of His character, in every day, in every situation, through every trial and joy of life, and into eternity.

Standout lyric: And on that day when my strength is failing/The end draws near and my time has come/Still, my soul will sing Your praise unending/Ten thousand years and then forevermore/Forevermore


“Better Is One Day”

The lyrics are from Psalm 84, about longing to be in God’s presence more than anything else and the joy of worshipping Him. Psalm 84 is one of my favorite psalms. This would be it if I had to pick a favorite Matt Redman song. This is a heartfelt expression of love and desperation for God, showcasing the artist’s deep understanding of scripture and how it influenced his role as a worship songwriter. It’s a raw and beautiful piece. When you sing Matt’s songs, you sing God’s Word back to Him in worship. It’s a powerful way to reflect on who God is and hide His Word in your heart. 

Standout lyric: My heart and flesh cry out/For You, the living God/Your Spirit’s water to my soul/I’ve tasted and I’ve seen/Come once again to me/I will draw near to You/I will draw near to You


“Heart of Worship”

“Heart of Worship” is another contender for the title of Matt Redman’s most-known song. It’s sung in churches today as if it were just released, which speaks volumes about the timeless power of this song and its message. Regarding the song’s origin, Matt shares that he first wrote it for himself and didn’t realize the impact it could have on others. 
During his time as music leader at Soul Survivor Watford in the United Kingdom, Pastor Mike Pilavachi challenged the church to gather in an empty room without music and production to see if they could still bring God a genuine offering of worship. The lyrics were born out of that experience as Matt reflected on his own motives in leading others in worship. And God is still using “Heart of Worship” to convict hearts, draw our attention back to God, and remind us of what pure worship truly is.

Standout Lyric: I‘ll bring You more than a song/For a song in itself/Is not what You have required/You search much deeper within/Through the ways things appear/You’re looking into my heart

“Blessed Be Your Name”

The up-tempo song “Blessed Be Your Name” has a profound message. Its lyrics reference Job 1:20-21 where, after losing everything (his children, wealth, and so on), Job refuses to curse God but instead worships Him even as he faces immense pain and trial. This song brings an important perspective to us in worship, teaching us that whether times are good or bad, God is worthy of our praise. This song also gives us language to voice that praise to Him.

Standout Lyric: Every blessing You pour out, I’ll/Turn back to praise/When the darkness closes in, Lord/Still I will say/Blessed be the name of the Lord/Blessed be Your name/Blessed be the name of the Lord/Blessed be Your glorious name


“The Praise Is Yours”

“The Praise Is Yours,” the second single from Matt’s latest album, Lamb of God (Live), paints a grand picture of God’s majesty. The verses tell of His glory through His attributes, such as His self-sufficiency, His work in creation, and His love and mercy are shown to humanity on the cross. Even the instrumentation is majestic as strings and electric guitars soar from the start of the track and immediately turn your heart’s attention to God’s glory.

Standout Lyric: All the glory and honor/Blessing and power/Because Your name alone is worthy/Worthy forever/The praise is Yours

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