The Many Versions of “Jireh”


Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music are two worship aggregations that have achieved great success in streams, sales, and so on. The worldwide popularity of “Jireh” from their collaborative album, Old Church Basement, is staggering and exceeds initial expectations. Several artists have released remakes or variations of the song. I have showcased the original version alongside two distinct renditions to provide a comprehensive overview.

“Jireh” by Maverick City and Elevation Worship

The year 2021 witnessed the captivating voices of gospel vocalists Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine as they touched the hearts of millions with their soulful rendition of “Jireh” and its message of Him being enough. However, His “enough” they sing about carries more power to help us through any situation. This multi-layered song speaks of being assured, knowing we have a God who loves us unconditionally—no wonder the live video has had 144 million views on YouTube since it was released. On a personal note, this song moves me in such an impactful way. I listen again when I think I’m tired of it; it is just what I need.


“Jireh (My Provider)” Limoblaze, Lecrae, and Happi

Pop artist Limoblaze has found a “sweet spot” with his African-styled contributions to Christian and Gospel music. He puts his Afro Beat spin on “Jireh,” where he only takes part in the original chorus to create a new video. His light tone flows in a warm melodic fashion as he sings, Let me paint a picture for ya (yeah), But for God, His loving can afford you/He set His love lavishly upon ya/And makes His glory shine so bright upon you, you/I will be content/‘Cause I know You would never fail me (ay)/Even when my knees are shaking/Even when my heart is bleeding, oh.” Lecrae adds his own bars of singing and rapping to help add more heat to this jam.

“Jireh” by BRIGHT, Lloyd Nicks, and Vanessa Campagna

This time, “Jireh” gets a youthful remix by artists BRIGHT, Lloyd Nicks, and Vanessa Campagna. The lyrics and the keys stay the same. However, BRIGHT adds a little more kick drum, midtempo EDM chalked with synth rhythms. Lloyd and Venessa sing Chandler’s and Naomi’s parts, respectively. This version could fill the air of contemporary Christian radio and stations such as NGEN Radio. However, the vocal contrast between Vanessa’s pop vocals and Lloyd’s soulful vocal stylings could cross several Christian radio formats.


Dwayne Lacy is a long-time history teacher in Houston, Texas. He also has a passion for diversity in unity in music and the church.

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