World War Me: An Interview with Relent

San Antonio, Texas-based band Relent was formed in early 2016. Together, they play hard rock/nu-metal music with elements of rap and hip-hop laced into the mix. They hit the scene with their first single, “Rise,” which quickly became a fan favorite.

With a unique in-your-face style often compared to musical giants such as P.O.D., Sevendust, Linkin Park, and Breaking Benjamin, some would find it hard to believe that the label “Christian” is something they wear proudly. Their live performances are a powerful expression of their message and passion, embodied in their unique music that presents the Gospel with a ball of intense energy.

Relent is a band that’s more than just music; it’s a movement driven by a fierce passion that comes alive in their electrifying live performances. The band’s journey started in the Texas rock scene, where they faced the typical challenges of that lifestyle.

After a powerful personal encounter with Jesus, lead singer Miggy stepped away from music to explore his faith. When he felt the urge to create music again, he came back with a new purpose: reach out to people in the darkest and most broken places and help them feel less alone. Luckily, his bandmates shared the same vision, so in 2016, Relent was born. Since then, they’ve continued to churn out hits and accolades, with their latest album World War Me released in April 2023 through Rockfest Records.


For new fans or listeners, can you introduce yourselves and tell us about your journey as a band so far?

Hello, we’re Relent. We’re a nu-metal band from San Antonio, Texas. Miggy Sanchez started the band in 2016, and it’s been a  “brootiful” journey ever since.

Who or what are some of your influences as a band? What musical processes help you find your blend of rock and rap?

We grew up in the nu-metal era when it was at its peak. We’re talking late ’90s and early 2000s. Bands like P.O.D., Sevendust, iLL Niño, and Korn, to name a few. Huge influences. Throughout all that, we try to be ourselves and let our character come out regarding writing. Naturally, power will always show, so sticking to being creative in our way helps.

How has being signed to Rockfest Records changed how you write and create music, if any?

We’ve always strived to be the best and raise the bar. Having a platform through Rockfest just put an even bigger fire in us to do so.


You have previously recorded a cover song of DC Talk’s “Jesus Freak.” Is another cover in the works?

That was a fun track. We don’t at the moment. I (Miggy) personally have some songs I would love to do. So we’ll see what the future holds.

Can you walk us through the message of each song on the EP?

“Soldiers”: It’s a mentality, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a calling. The mind of a soldier operates best when under pressure. When resistance arrives, the disciplines of a soldier’s training kick in. That’s the mindset I have now going into this season regarding what’s happening in the world and the spirit world.

“Bodies”: It’s about false people, organizations, or anything. People who operate in this way and hide behind the name of God leave behind a lot of destruction. It’s demonic, and I’m calling it out and swinging at their heads.

“Strangers”: To know the pain of never seeing someone again. This world will end soon, and the two eternal promises will begin–heaven and hell. It breaks my heart to know that the ones I loved and held close will be in the latter for simply denying God’s way, truth, and life.

“World War Me” is where our biggest battles occur internally. The war within our minds, our hearts, and our spirits. Conquering that war and understanding, I was built for what would come. This is our anthem song.

“Sirens”: The chorus speaks for itself “I followed my heart, and you followed your plan/now my ending is rest, and your ending’s a mess.” Hell’s real. And we don’t talk about it enough. There’s no alternate choice in regards to not choosing Jesus.

What do you want listeners to walk away with after this EP?

It’s here; you can look around. Everything that Jesus said was going to happen is happening now. Are we ready for it? We’re so grateful that we can use music as inspiration. We hope you guys love the album as much as we do.

What’s in the future for Relent?

Lots of touring, more music, more everything.

How can we pray for you?

We’ve stepped into a new season of our career, so just praying for alignments and doors to open. It’ll take us to the next level to be such a tool worldwide and for our music.


Ryan Adams lives in Montana with his family. He works as a professional game master and loves his newly adopted dog.